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Supra Capital evolved from a property development company and therefore we speak your language. We offer borrowers a high level of assurance and reliability. Our operating rhythm ensures fast approval processes, to provide high-quality real-estate borrowers with flexible, timely and tailored finance solutions. A collaborative approach ensures that these projects are brought to life, with loans structured appropriately to best meet borrowers’ objectives.

We focus on providing senior and mezzanine debt starting from $5M for projects across all sectors, and along the eastern seaboard.

Pre-development site funding

Typical Transactions Include

Construction funding

Residual stock loans

Mezzanine funding

Tailored Debt Solutions

Since inception, Supra Capital has originated over $1.1 billion of loans across more than 140 facilities, and has a strong track record as a private lender, building long-term relationships with quality borrowers. We structure flexible funding in a timely and reliable manner.


Supra Capital’s loan types evolve as we respond to market conditions and so they vary widely in terms of duration, size, and security property location. Loan terms are generally between 6 and 24 months, with predominantly first mortgage security located in suburban Melbourne, Brisbane or Sydney or major regional areas along the Eastern Seaboard.  

Supra Capital provides loans across sectors including residential, commercial, industrial, childcare, petrol station & fast-food retail. This includes loans spanning the project life cycle from land banking, land bridging, construction, land subdivision and residual stock.

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