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We are driven by trusted relationships, and a deep sense of personal responsibility to our investors. This, together with our experience and expertise in property development, differentiates us from other participants in the sector. Our commitment extends to co-investing alongside our investors, resulting in strong alignment of interest.

The Supra Capital investor services team is the first point of contact for investors to access Supra Capital and our people, providing:

  • Investors with the insights needed to enhance their investment aspirations

  • Personal access to Supra Capital and our investment team

  • Ongoing support via regular investment updates

Supra Capital’s investor membership continues to grow through introductions from existing members.


Performance & Strategy

Since inception, Supra Capital has originated $1.1 billion across more than 140 mortgages and has a successful track record of delivering all targeted returns without capital loss. However past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.

Our investment strategy focuses on developments along the eastern seaboard in major metropolitan markets. Investment sectors are broad and opportunistic and include residential, industrial, commercial, and retail. Importantly, we seek out mid-tier projects which inherently have strong market depth. This focus mitigates the excessive risk and cyclical change often associated with smaller and larger scale projects.

Supra Capital's growing presence in private lending directly relates to the adherence with our principles – to lend to quality developers directly or via quality introducers, with quality sites and multiple quality exit strategies. This philosophy results in quality investments because major banks, brokers and developers appreciate our commercial and timely behaviour to produce appropriately structured loans.

Investment Principles

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